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Scout removed from Pack membership and all records disappeared

My son didn’t renew his membership in our local pack due to all virtual but is considering others or transition later this year to Boy Scouts. I logged into SB and noticed that the pack removed him and none of his camping, service, awards, or advancement is showing up in his profile anymore. It’s all gone. Shouldn’t it still be there even though he is not affiliated with a pack currently, or does it all just get wiped out? Thanks.

I imagine it is all there - but especially with Cub Scouts being in a Pack defines what you see in Scoutbook - if you see reports try pulling the Cub Scout History report

Tried that but there isn’t a spot to select him on the report. It just says all scouts but there are no names below.

you cannot click his account as parent and look at reports on his page?

Christopher has the Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear Rank and some awards

@TimothyMerrell sent you a message - look at avatar top right to find it

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