Scoutbook and Venture Crews

My Venture Crew Scoutbook does not give me the ability to track or log BSA Merit Badges.


Under My Dashboard → My Account → Edit Extended Information you need to turn on the Scouts BSA switch so that the background is red.

I don’t seem to have the edit extended options?

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You have to do that for each Scout


The Scouts BSA slider only appears for Scouts that have earned first class and the rank is recorded on the BSA Member ID that is registered as a venturer. If you earned First Class in a different council, it will be on a different MID so the process is different.

I was concerned about Venture Crew members I have that aren’t part of the traditional BSA program and haven’t earned any of those ranks. My understanding was that those new Crew members are still allowed to earn BSA Merit badges

That answer is in the guide to advancement. Please work with your council for clarification as the online forums are only for IT related questions / issues.


Merit Badges can only be earned by those registered in a Crew or Ship who earned First Class while registered in a Troop and who have not yet turned 18.


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