Scoutbook Financial Ghost Accounts

I am the treasurer for a linked troop.
Each month I run a Summery Financial Statement from the Payment Log Report to see where each account is, like an end of month balance.
I have accounts still visible from scouts that are no longer with the troop. Like, from long ago.
I cannot access the scout’s page, because they’re no longer with the troop; I do not see them in the roster.

How do I get ride of these ghost records?

From your troop page click search troop payments log. Then under registration type, you can select past members.

Thank you so much!
And this helped my figure out some other stuff.
I have had to figure most of this stuff out by myself. Do you know if there is a tutorial somewhere?

There is a help wiki here:

There are various specific help topics there, although this particular item might not have been covered.

Thanks. I know about the official help page.
I was hoping for the advanced tutorial.
I wish BSA had a training on this.

The problem with developing a specific “canned” training is that things are changing so rapidly that the training would become outdated almost before it could be recorded, reviewed, and approved for distribution. That’s one reason why the help site doesn’t always reflect the latest-and-greatest released versions of Scoutbook and IA2. Hopefully, once the transition from Scoutbook to the new IA2 platform finishes (whenever that might be), the system will stabilize long enough that more detailed (and complete) help documentation can be developed.

That said, if there are particular issues that you or other users think is valuable enough to add to the help wiki, I would say make those suggestions in the forums here. It might not get done immediately, but odds are it will go on the “to do list” for the future.


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