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Scoutbook - How do I request an enhancements for event RSVPs and Fee Collections

How does one go about requesting new features for Scoutbook? (Maybe these already exist but I’m not aware? Or I don’t have full permissions as a Committee Chair? Or I’m missing some permissions?)

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. Ability to import an Excel spreadsheet feature to update RSVP’s for a Calendar event in Scoutbook. Note: Our council uses BlackPug to register for events that allows Excel imports of Registrants and it would be really nice to be able to do something similar for tracking in Scoutbook. (We have parents that are having difficulty using Scoutbook or continued issues that need to be resolved, which causes us to resort to manual recording of RSVP’s still.)
  2. Ability to export to an Excel Spreadsheet calendar event RSVP’s so I can use to upload to BlackPug to register for council events and forward to our Treasurer so we can ensure all event fees are collected.
  3. Ability to toggle fee payment requirement flag for each calendar event at the time of Scoutbook RSVP = YES, ability to collect payment for that event(e.g. link Troop Venmo account) through Scoutbook, and marking that fee payment collected for the RSVP = YES. (And an export of all this related info into an Excel spreadsheet or some sort of report.)
  4. Ability to link a webform from our troop web site to map to and update RSVP’s in Scoutbook.

The BSA should buy black pug and merge the 2. :slight_smile:

It would be neat, but I know how the results would be. Not pretty.

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