Scoutbook Link to Activity Logs doesn't pass "personguid" so login to Activity Logs fails

  1. Log in to Scoutbook
  2. View a scout
  3. Click “Kid’s Activity Logs”
  4. Call to Activity Logs site does not pass “personguid” - the parameter is not even in the call to the page.
  5. Get error - “personGuid” is not allowed to be empty…

To be clear, it’s not passing a bad personguid or the wrong one, it is passing none.

I see the same thing for all three scouts’ logs I checked and for my own logs.

I am an ASM, parent (of one of the scouts) and Key 3 Delegate.

Error occurs in latest Firefox & Chrome, regular or incognito windows.

Not sure if it’s related, but I see the following error in the Web Dev console in Firefox:

TypeError: ServiceWorker script at https://advancements. for scope encountered an error during installation. vendors.6c2a0da924f71bf6a4d8.js:1:2170722

FYI, I intentionally “broke” the first URL because Discourse insisted on trying to replace it with a page name instead of the path.

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