Scoutbook Maintenance Window Calendar

Is there a place to see any planned maintenance windows for Scoutbook?

The reason I ask is last year I was teaching Scoutbook courses at our local University of Scouting only to discover just a few days beforehand that a maintenance window was planned for that day. Would like to know if I am going to have that same challenge again this year?

I work for a software company and we publish our maintenance plans out a year in advance so was hoping to see if existed for the BSA tools?

There is no published schedule - we try to get warnings up at least a week out when we hear of them


Scoutbook maintenance is typically Wednesday nights at 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM Central. We plan for weekly updates but if there are no changes ready, the maintenance is cancelled. It is extremely rare for Scoutbook maintenance to be other days.

@DonovanMcNeil @edavignon Thank you both. Glad to hear nothing is planned and will hope last year was just a fluke.

I almost always pre make videos over technology - cause you do not know bandwidth or wifi - you stay in control

I did that last year but and will have them as backups again this year. However I was hoping to have some lab sessions for folks to do things in the class as well.

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