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Scoutbook Report Improvements


A recent Change Log at the link below introduced two new reports into Scoutbook.

The Crew Recognition Report and Ship Recognition Report not only round out the existing Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA Recognition Reports, but also complete an improvement phase, begun in June, 2020, to revisit existing reports to implement a significant list of users’ feature requests.

The reports also cap off a long-term campaign to provide many new reports since the introduction of the Scouts BSA and Cub Scouts History Reports in August, 2017. Since then we have been continually improving user interface design standards for every Scoutbook report to include a more consistent style, mobile support, on-screen HTML display, and printable PDF and CSV exports along with the data you want to see in the way you want to filter and organize it.

We will continue providing new reports and features as needed or requested.



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