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Scoutbook Roster Report for Adults is Blank

when I run a roster report for scouts it works fine. when I run a roster report for adults, its blank. not sure if this report is part of the unofficial plugin and it simply doesn’t have access to adult roster information. Otherwise, it just seems that it is not pulling the data into the report, probably becuase of limits on access to other adult information.

In that regard, it would be very useful to be able to run camping, hiking and award activity for adults and be able to add those activities for other adults. We track adult camping and frost nights but the system will only let me bulk add the scouts, not leaders. Also, I can’t run a leader report for those aspects as well. Another item for the dev to work on at some point.

It seems to work for me. Please provide the steps you used, which boxes you checked, and you current position in the unit? Are you a unit admin?

It’s working OK for me this morning. Bear in mind, it may not get you what you’re looking for, since unit admins cannot update the camping/hiking/service logs for other adults…

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