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Service Hour Log - Can't select participants

I create a service project event. I want to add pack members from the drop down list, but the list continues to reset itself to the bottom of the list. I can click on some members, not on others because the drop down lists just moves around however it wants. Try to search for a member by typing their name in does absolutely nothing, it just always picks the first person on the list.

So I have 20 people at a service project and can only enter in about 8 of them.

I will repeat myself, but why did we have to leave the clean, easy to use Scoutbook logs that my leaders and adults would use, which I never had to make support tickets for? This is our last time recording service hours for the BSA. Take something that works, break it. Tell me again why I pay to be part of this organization?

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I tried with Chrome, FireFox and Edge. Same situation in all 3 browsers.

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I asked the same question and still waiting for an answer other than the long term plan is to delete scoutbook and everything in the future will be done on IA 2.0. I am not logging anything anymore into IA 2.0 in protest, after I tried to use IA 2.0 for months and failed repeatedly. I am advising everyone FEC council to do the same. Just think if everyone just hummed a bar of “Alice Restaurant” maybe we could start a movement? There is absolutely no way my active duty parents will ever log anything into IA 2.0. I as Committee Chairman logged all unit activities into scoutbook and recorded the JTE service hours for the unit functions. IA 2.0 is NOT THRIFTY as it is a waste of time, money and resources. I was told that it was hard to find programmers for Scoutbook to do all they want it to do. Here is a novel idea the Scouters who created scoutbook had the end users in mind, I imagine if BSA used the same money and time to work with the creators of scoutbook then we could have a platform that works for everyone. IA 2.0 is a conceptual failure that can never be patched, as it pulls the information from scouting.org, and end users can not edit anything so the database is in constant error. Scoutbook is end user friendly and near everything can be edited so it is more accurate depiction of daily life of a unit. IS 2.0 may be accurate the day of recharter, but for the other 364 days it will stay in a constant state of being wrong, thus when district, council, region, and national are pulling information from this database they are getting skewed information.