Silent error when attempting to Multiple an Adult Application

I am attempting to create a Multiple application with a Pack (3034) using an existing Troop application. I click Multiple on my application, find the unit, then click Select. Nothing in the page changes, the Unit Search dialog remains visible, I do observe a javascript error in the browser console which I’ll include below.

*1) Hardware: Desktop
*2) Operating system: macOS Ventura 13.5.2
*3) Browser: Safari 16.6 and Chrome 116
*4) Browser cache has been cleared and attempted in Private Browsing mode
*5) Member ID & Council of person affected: 13432859 Northern Lights Council 429

Information for developers:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘gender’)
at Object.onClick (UnitTransferModal.jsx:64:57)

Code at UnitTransferModal.jsx:64:
if (!isYouthGenderEligibleForTransfer(userDetails.gender, record.acceptGender)) {
I examined the userDetails object at runtime and it appears to be null.

@BrendanGilmore1 - you may want to reach out to your council. I know for mine there is no adult online application allowed.

It’s not a council issue. Our council allows them and always has. The “Select” button in the “My Application” feature in my.scouting is currently not working for adult applications right now. We are able to transfer/multiple register adults via other online means just fine.


Please ask your Council to open a ticket with National Member Care and BSA IT to get this fixed. This is the only way for volunteers to report issues with tools.

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Thank you @edavignon I will ask.

I was able to find a work around. That Select button continued to not work but starting from, finding the unit, then clicking Apply Now, and I was able to do a very quick application that was properly handled as Multiple. It is likely useful to already be logged into Hope this helps others.

Had this same issue with 2 adults attempting multiple today. Workaround suggested WORKED! (going to Apply Now from We attempted to get council to open a ticket, but we were told to just use a paper app.

It would still be helpful if your councils submitted a help ticket to National. That’s the only way to get this bug looked at.

Why can’t users submit a ticket / request directly versus funneling thru local council??. Local council help is GREAT, but they are VERY busy.

@ShawnWeck - because they can’t and that is not how national wants it handled

The BSA discontinued direct volunteer support during the massive layoffs quite some time ago. At that time, they only retained direct support to council professionals. Thus, other than the SUAC volunteers here in the discussion groups, the only way for volunteers to get support is via their council professionals.


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