Snow Sports Merit Badge Requirements Wrong

It appears both the 2023 and 2024 requirements listed in Scoutbook for the Snow Sports Merit Badge is not correct.

In 2023, the sub bullets under 7h of the Downhill (Alpine) Skiing Option were removed.

Per, 7H is:

“(h) Make a controlled run down an intermediate slope.”

Whereas Scoutbook lists the old requirements from 2016 which included sub bullets (1), (2), and (3):

Make a controlled run down an intermediate slope and demonstrate the following:
Short-, medium-, and long-radius parallel turns
A side slip and safety (hockey) stop to each side
Traverse across a slope

@JohnEdrington yep - will get it fixed - was fun this year when like 60% of the MBs changed

@JohnEdrington this should be fixed

Awesome! Yes it looks great. Thank you!

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