Some adventures not going from quick entry into 'Needs Purchasing'

We are finding all sorts of bugs with the new quick entry system in advancements. AMAZING decision to implement changes to this software just weeks before most cub scout packs are about to enter loads of awards at the end of the year… There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason why some are showing up and others aren’t.

For us Bear Claws (completed 4/3/24), Grin and Bear it (5/6/24) and Protect Yourself Rules ( some scouts completed 3/5/24, others I manually un-completed and then reset to complete on 6/1/25) are not showing up regardless of the date change while Paws for Action (completed 5/5/24) IS showing up on the Needs Purchasing Report. I can see all the advancements in the ‘Needs Awarding Report’, unfortunately there’s no way to get the advancements into a PO to send to our scout shop.

@RyanBraunstein - were they marked as approved or just completed? And the move to new platform is due to the old code that is scoutbook being no longer viable.

All the adventures are marked as approved (the ones that made it to the Needs Purchasing Report and those that didn’t). The missing adventures are NOT marked as ‘Awarded’ and they do not appear on any past PO’s that have been closed, so they appear on the Needs Awarding Report (thank goodness, honestly that’s the only thing preventing a complete disaster).

There’s no correlation between those that made it and those that have been left off. It’s not according to date (you can see some were marked as completed and approved months ago, others just yesterday, and the ones missing from the report are mixed amongst the others), I’ve even gone back and deselected ‘approved’ for individual scouts, then saved and then re-approved the adventures to no avail. Further I’ve even deselected ‘approved and completed’ for the rank advancements of some scouts, undone the advancement awards and redone them and they still don’t show up. I’ve also attempted to toggle the completion status of individual requirements inside of each advancement for one scout at a time and that makes no difference either.

Multiple den leaders reported issues with getting advancements ‘to stick’ when entering through the new ‘quick entry’ system - a misnomer.

Our unit ID in scoutbook is 59452 if you’d like to go look at the data.

So far our list of missing awards are:
Bear Claws
Game Design for Webelos
Grin and Bear It for Bears
Protect Yourself Rules for Tigers
Protect Yourself Rules for Webelos
Rumble in the Jungle for Lions

In past years we tracked our advancements independently in excel because Scoutbook was such a mess, and we’d argue with our scout store managers over not having reports when we went shopping - typically we’d ask one volunteer to spend a day updating ‘the system’ (so our den leaders and CubMaster/Committee Chair wouldn’t have to waste HOURS of their time) just for rank advancements at the end of the year. Looks like we’ll be going back to that (and just when I’d told our committee a few weeks ago how the software appeared to be much improved over years ago! Ugh the irony)

@RyanBraunstein I can set my self as admin in unit to take a look or can setup a screen share with you

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Either way, what do you need from me?

OK here is what I am wondering @RyanBraunstein under needs Approval - I see approve all for 321 button - but nothing listed. The button should not show in that case.


  1. kicked me out and I cannot log back in?? I am also being kicked off this forum, was able to log back in successfully after a few attempts. The login dialog is greyed out (cannot enter a username or password, captcha check appears to work)
  2. this problem of not having awards that are approved not showing up on the Needs Purchasing Report is not unique to my account, our den leaders are reporting the same
    3)when I look at the Needs Approval report there are no buttons and the Total says ‘0’

If you see an approve all button go ahead and click it on my behalf…

I gather someone is playing with my account, I keep getting logged off this forum and I can no longer access anything on advancements.scouting (via quick entry or just trying to login from the homepage)

@DonovanMcNeil I just found something VERY interesting. I’m still logged into advancements.scouting on my mobile, just discovered there’s an ‘advancement report’ on the mobile site and it contains ONLY the missing advancements - all the adventures missing from the Needs Purchasing Report in Scoutbook are the only ones listed on the advancement report in Scoutbook Plus.

I dunno if this was my doing or someone else’s, but now that I’ve run an Advancement report in Scoutbook Plus, that generated it’s own PO with only the items missing from the previous PO that’s part of the old scoutbook. So now I have 2 PO’s that appear to cover all the items (although the new PO doesn’t appear in scoutbook, and the old one doesn’t show up as a report in Scoutbook Plus). For this one time I can deal with this mess… at least now I have 2 summary reports I can take to the scout shop.

that is what I was wondering - I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green envelope > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

@RyanBraunstein so this is resolved for you?

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