Suggestion: Completed vs Approved for Training, too

It would be really useful to have the ability for training participants to mark their own training in a way similar to the green check box we have for advancement in Scoutbook.
It’s so easy for in-person training to fall through the cracks, especially if it’s done out of council. This would be a signal to the participant and the training chair that documentation is incomplete. As it is now, you often don’t notice that it was never updated until someone tells you that you need to do training that you’ve already completed and are up to date on.
Even an open-ended “Notes” section that was available to individuals to put a comment like “Leatherstocking Council 1st Aid class, May 7 2023” would give us a way to indicate that something is missing from the official record.

@ChristyDryden - the best approach would be to go through your council for them to make the enhancement request

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Thanks for the practical next steps!

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