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Switching from Scoutbook to Internet Advancement Activity Page

Is there a way when I am in Scoutbook to switch to the unit’s IA2 activity pages? So far the only way I have found to do it is to pick a random Scout and then click on his activity log. That involves a bunch of clicking.

I am a Key 3 Delegate and a Scoutbook Administrator.

Chuck Olson
Troop 463 Sandy Springs, GA

I just type scoutbook.scouting.org in the URL bar, and it accepts my credentials as long as I open it in the same browser session. You could create a shortcut on your browser to speed that up (particularly good on mobile to avoid typing on the tiny keys).

I was trying to look at pack activity prior to May 2020, and I can’t see it. I also can’t add anything prior to May 2020. What do I have to do to do this? The changes to IA are not being very helpful and little instruction or notice to these changes.

@FrancisRiggio-Presto to see older stuff you need to go to filter on right side and click on Personal activities