Tentaroo import of scout with misspelled name updated another scout

I hope I’m in the right forum area.
I recently imported our troop’s data from summer camp from Tentaroo into ScoutBook. One Scout’s name was misspelled, so it put his information into another Scout’s info (I think the incorrect scout was immediately previous in alphabetical order). The error log did note the issue (I forgot to save it).

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically undo the erroneous entries. You probably need to work from a printout/PDF of the camp record and manually remove the bad data, and then re-enter it for the correct scout.

When the feature assistant extension can’t match a scout’s name, it pops up a window asking you to select which scout should be imported. It does not just pick a Scout to import.

I don’t understand what happened based on your description.

During the import process, if a name mismatch is found. It asks you to manually identify the Scout the unmatched name belongs to.

@RichardBrown4 - and with summer camp registration in tentaroo the unit enters the roster so the misspelled name starts there.

I remember a popup, but not a question.

Yes. That’s what I did, but it kind of negated the time savings from doing the import.

Yes. That’s on me. My issue is with it updating another Scout’s record.

@RichardBrown4 It should have presented a popup similar to this:

The instructions are here: MB Import Instructions

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