Transfer Adult does not show up on MBC search

Phil S is a leader in our troop and transferred from another council, and got a new BSAID. He is also a MBC. His YPT is up-to-date

When I try to search for him in Unit->MB Counselor List, he does not show up, so I cannot assign him as a MBC to scouts. When I go to Unit->Roster->Roster Builder and select “Show Merit Badges” it shows his list of merit badges.

I have the same problem with his wife, Vanessa.

P S BSAID: 137198178 Scoutbook UserID: 7070600
V S BSAID: 137105072 Scoutbook UserID: 9130966

When I go to check their training, they are both up-to-date. Maybe training was done under their old council’s BSAID?

No idea. They both had multiple scoutbook accounts and this is the last issue I need resolved.



Both P’s and V’s Merit Badge Counselor registration in the other Council ended on 12/31/21. They need to register as an MBC in your Council.

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