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Transferring in twins

Is there any known problems when attempting to transfer twins? We have a family that is moving to our area and joining our troop. They were able to transfer their older son themself but were unable to transfer their other two children. They gave me the boys’ BSA numbers, birthdate, etc. and when I tried to transfer either of them, I get the error “We could not find a matching Scout. Please check the info and try again or contact BSA Member Care.”

The parents should be able to update the Scouts’ profile information (city, state, zip code, district, council, etc. as applicable) and also their Scouts’ Membership with your troop.

“Should” and “can” are two different things. As mentioned in the original post, the parent was only able to transfer one of three children (so I know they know how to do it). And shouldn’t I, as a troop admin, be able to transfer them in with the appropriate knowledge?

The only thing that could be weird is that they’re twins, so I was asking if that could be affecting anything. I guess I’ll ask someone from council or district to intervene.

Once you turn in the Applications to Council all the Scouts should come in no problem

I wouldn’t think that the Scouts being twins would matter. They would share the same last name and possibly the same DOB, but their BSA number would be different.

Something else to try: Ask a parent to connect you to the Scouts using the [Scout]'s Connections page. Make sure they add you with Full Control permissions.

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If the transfer is from within the same council, then should be no problem.

If from a different council, then they might get a new record with a new BSA number.

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True, but I wanted them in ScoutBook now so I can add them to events and properly mark attendance.

Not just same council, same district. :slight_smile:

But I’ll see if the parent can add me as a connection with full control. Thanks for the idea.

Make sure they use the “Search For Existing User” function when they add you as a connection.

No idea what went wrong before, but the parent tried again and was able to add them.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, but it appears to be a moot point, now.

Glad you got everything worked out! Be sure to follow up with the transfer applications to your council.

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