Trying to register leader moving from Pack to Troop as multiple, but not seeing Accept option

Hi there, we are trying to move a leader from a rising AOL den into the Troop. They are still registered with the pack and have YPT valid through 8 July 24.

The Committee Chair went in to try and accept the application, but there is no Accept option, only a “Send YPT Email” option, even though the YPT is still valid.

Does the YPT validity need to extend beyond the troop’s recharter date or is there something I’m missing here? Leader BSA number is 14176319.

Thanks! Andrew

Chair cannot do that - that is the COR Job

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she is a key 3 delegate

Well she is a Key 3 cause she is Chair - but accepting Adults is not a Key 3 job - it is a COR job

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Didn’t there used to be an option in Organization Manager to allow the COR and CC to accept adult apps? Does that still exist?


No, only the COR or COR delegate can accept adult applications. The COR or CC can accept youth applications.

@AndrewBurns - the CC can only make a recommendation NOT accept. And it would be dependant upon adult transfers being allowed

CC can be set to make an initial acceptance - but COR is the final word in all instances - COR can make a COR Delegate in

Ah OK, thanks for your help everyone, I think I can explain this in full now. Much appreciated.