Unable to create calendar event in my troop profile

I am dual registered in both our local Lago Vista Pack 77 and Troop 198. I am taking over as Scout Master for the troop this recharter season and am unable to create calendar events or group text the troop through Scout book. Please help. I have tried several yes on my end.
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In Scoutbook, the only role I see for you with the troop is Assistant Scoutmaster. The role of Assistant Scoutmaster does not give access to the calendar or the ability to send out e-mails / texts to the troop.

In order to add events to the troop calendar, you need to be one of the troop’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.), a Troop Admin, Secretary, or Outdoor Activities Chair.

In order to send e-mails / texts to the troop, you need to be connected to all Scouts in the troop in Scoutbook with at least View Profile or higher permissions.

Edited to add: I do not see any current registrations for you with the pack.

Thank you for the reply. How can I get this fixed. I am being asked to take over by the end of this month. We are a very small troop and I need the ability to create and update events. The troop is accustomed to using Scoutbook and I would like to continue so. I really can’t afford to wait until recharter is done to have full blown access. Is there a way to override or double up my duties and add me as a committee chair also. I held more than one position the whole te I was with the Pack. My profile still shows my old pack details with a flag on that account as if it is the primary. Not sure if that is the case. Digging into it I can definitely see it is old because it is only listing a few of us old leaders. I did want to share that Scoutbook will let me send an email out to all of the listed parents in our troop but not create a text message or calendar event. The calendar event is the critical part.

If you are taking over as Scoutmaster effective with recharter, then I would ask the troop to add you as a Troop Admin now. Being a Troop Admin will allow you to edit the calendar and give you automatic Full Control permissions to all Scouts in the troop.

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Thank you again for the guidance. Have a great weekend.

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Anthony Michetich

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@AnthonyMichetich You can see your registered positions by logging in at my.scouting and then go to:

Menu → My Profile

And scroll down to the “Registration” section.

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