Unable to edit Country

When editing MID 134707279, the Country is set wrong to “616” (whatever that is) instead of USA. I (my MID is 132728219) cannot change the Country - the drop down appears to be broken and typing in text does nothing. Therefor I cannot save any changes to the record for this user as the State field is empty and I can’t enter a State when the Country is “616” and the State field is required to save changes.

@JohnKenny_III take a look again - I tried something - otherwise I will turn it in

Data corruption or lost

@JohnKenny_III - I can think of several ways data can be corrupted or lost including server problems, network transmission problems and user cache problems. I think @DonovanMcNeil needs more technical information on how you are accessing the internet advancement tool (IA2)

616 country code

Not found in ISO country codes.

Country and State

I believe IA2 should only allow a non-blank state code if the country code is “USA” and;

I believe IA2 should not support non-USA subdivisions for now. I assume

three letter (alpha-3) code is being used for the country code.

For the state I do not know if the ISO country subdivision (alpha-2)(separator)(1 to 3 character) code is being used. I assume for country “USA” a variation of the US Postal Service 2 letter code is being used for the state.