Visibility to Aged Out Eagles

I was just notified today that the Eagle certificate for a scout is in. This is my trigger to go in and make sure that Palms are properly recorded since Palms cannot be approved in SB until National approves the Eagle. This scout turned 18 in October. With the rollover of the year, he is now not on my roster to approved his Palms. I can’t even see how many he has earned at this point. How do I go about getting those palms approved?

I also have 3 or 4 aged out Eagles who have not had COHs yet because of Covid-related concerns. I cannot see them either and so cannot create the PO’s and advancement reports that I need to purchase the rank advancement insignia that I need for these scouts either – nor can I mark them “awarded” eventually. I have the certificates and the eagle kits and their palms are already approved but have not purchased them yet and lack a way to create a PO and Advancement report to do so.

If they are out of Unit you cannot award things in SB anyway - you can have council enter the palms.

Thank you. I will send a paper advancement report to council for the palm(s) for the one scout. I have backup records to help me figure out which one(s) I need. It would be nice to be able to at least report on aged out scouts; or even just report on aged out eagle scouts for 6 months after they age out.
Or, be able to approve palms and create advancement reports and POs in SB for scouts for up to 45 days after national signs off – regardless of the scout’s current registration status.

From my dashboard > reports, you can run a scouts bsa history report on former member if you name their last name and member number.

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This was VERY helpful. Thank you.

@JanellBunger-Spiecha - and for those of us in the Eastern PA/Philadelphia area it is pronounced “eggle” :slight_smile:

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