Warning:another user is using the same email address

Hello, I get this message and I might have accidently signed up twice using the same email id. What do I do? I have cleared the YPT but it shows as not taken.
Message wording: "
Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address. If this is unexpected , contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum."


@PadmaSubbaraya1 Please log in with your my.Scouting username – not your e-mail address.

I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

@JenniferOlinger We have a user getting the same message. Could you please look into it? She successfully logs in into an account with Member ID14697557, but is getting the “another user using the same e-mail address” message. She told me she might have another account, that should be deleted, 12877981. I don’t have a way to check if the second one exists, as the correct one is attached to her son’s account and that is what I see. Could you please look into this?
Thank you!

@NadezhdaAnikeev I have merged this user’s Scoutbook accounts.

I had to keep BSA member ID number 14766040 as “primary”, because that one has a date of birth. (The other one has a blank DOB.)

Please ask her to log in at my.Scouting and double-check her mailing address and other contact info.

@JenniferOlinger I don’t get that message any more. Thank you. However, in my YPT & Training center, the status says “Never taken”. Under my completion tab, it shows that I have completed the training. Please check. I also need to update my bday. The current profile has incorrect date.

@PadmaSubbaraya1 Based on what I can see, you are missing this module:

SCO_3009 Sexual Abuse V2.

Please contact your local council service center for help with updating your date of birth.

I am having the same difficulty and same message. I cannot find other daughter S. (removed by Moderator) in Scout book although I am told she is there. I believe I am showing as Kathleen. I’m so confused.

@KathleenBautista you are signing into a youth account - you have a Sign in with Apple login that is tied to your leader account - can you sign in with that?

Hi Donovan:

I see the problem now - my username I originally was sent for Kathleen to join was entered as (removed by Moderator) when it should have been (removed by Moderator) and somehow she was made primary.

Last night I was able to login with the incorrect one and able to see all three of my children under family. I am now clueless as how I even did that as I can’t seem to figute it out.

Cab this be corrected that I am primary or delete all three and begin again?

2 are in troop 606 and 1 is in troop one.

It is all fixed to your Apple Log In - Do you have that?

I am getting the same error as the others above.


@SeanWonderlich It is more of a warning than an error message.

Your e-mail address is also on your Scout’s Scoutbook account. I can remove it, if you would like. However, it will likely come back at some point due to the automated membership sync.

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I am receiving the same message regarding “another user” using the same e-mail address. My son’s account has always, for the past 5+ years, had my e-mail as his. As of 01FEB24, he can no longer access his account. Additionally, he has been somehow removed from his current Troop here in GA and neither he nor I can see any of his achievements, rank advancements, etc. We have been active in Scouts in GA since July 2023 after we moved from AL. We actually returned to the same troop that we were in from 2018-2021. We think what might have happened was that when his old Troop in AL went to re-charter and he was no longer “on their books,” he was somehow dropped from Scoutbook/Scouts all together. He has two Scout IDs - 13859075 from AL and the new one 140597931 from GA. We have paid dues for the GA troop as of this year. Just trying to run this down as we don’t want to have to rebuild 10 years of scouting information. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

@MichaelHerbek OK the email is on both your scouts accounts - I can erase it if you want - I cleaned up the older scout - his membership in SB ended in December for some reason - I setup a sync but it the units recharter is on hold - they might not have paid yet so the position in SB might not come back yet

@DonovanMcNeil , yes please, if the removal of my e-mail makes things smoother and doesn’t mess with any of their accounts, by all means. In regards to the re-charter, my son is the only person in the troop that had this happen to him. Would council here in GA know why his SB membership ended? We could see him in SB up until the end of January 2024.

@MichaelHerbek sharing emails does not effect system at all but I will clear them. Right now your scout is not registered at all

Sounds like a council issue then. Appreciate all the help!


I have a scout parent who can no longer access scoutbook. Even when they try to reset email password, it states “scout not found”. I know our recharter hasn’t processed yet, but can you look on your end and make sure everything is correct? No two accidental log ins etc. 130565013 BSA

Separately, BSA ID 140294525 has two profiles on my.scouting. I can see one with the BSA Number and the other without the BSA number. Can you merge them please?

The BSA member number you provided belongs to the Scout. There is a parent connected to the Scout in Scoutbook who appears to be using the Scout’s date of birth. Parent’s first initial is A. BSA number is: 14189926. Your local council should be able to fix the parent’s date of birth using their Registrar Tools.

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I have merged this user’s Scoutbook accounts.

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