Weather forecast on events is dangerously misinforming users, lacks value, should be removed

When viewing events in Scoutbook, you see an eight-day weather forecast. This needs to be removed. It is dangerously misinforming users because it does not describe conditions at the event’s date or location!

It is a major discontinuity in the UI. All other information on that page is about the event. The weather forecast completely breaks that context and shows the weather forecast for the next few days for the current location.

This could be dangerous if it leads people to believe the wrong thing about weather at the event!

I cannot fathom a rational reason why a current-location, next-few-days weather forecast would be included on this page.

Here’s an example of where the forecast is badly misinforming the user. The weather forecast is for 75218 ZIP code, for September 5 - 12. The event is in the 75751 ZIP code (1.5 hour drive away) and is September 16-18.

A quick fix is to add display: none; to the .fe_container class on the inline style sheet.

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