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What is the alternative requirements means in den leader experience before you check off attendance?

What is the alternative requirements mean in den leader experience before you check off attendance?!
Picture as attached with the blue check box.

Thanks so much!

I have removed the screen shot because it contained names of Scouts.

Thanks so much for the response. However, I was using the demo experience not an actual den. Do you have an answer for that because I teach Scoutbook on Thursday night and I bring up the great tool of Den leader experience. That is a question that was asked by a participant.

Thanks so much for your assistance :blush:


I have asked another member of the SUAC that has used DLE to help with this.

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Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your support and helps :slight_smile:

@SweeNg Right now I would not recommend using that checkbox. It doesn’t do what everyone thinks that it will. Currently, even if you check it, DLE STILL marks all the normal requirements of the meeting complete and does NOT present a screen of alternate requirements (as one might expect). We have discussed this with the developers, but do not have a determination on any corrections. Just know that we have discussed this internally with them and feel like some changes need to be made.

We have also found some other “bugs” that even if an item is not “checked” in the Den meeting list, the Scouts still receive credit.

While DLE has some great meeting prep tools, I’d almost recommend at this point using it just for that, do NOT take attendance, and manually enter completed requirements using Quick Entry in Scoutbook. That’s my honest evaluation from using it this year with my Den.

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Hi Zachary,

Thanks so much for your support! I will forward this message to the leader. Just curious whether there will be some kind of communication going out, so we can be aware the take attendance feature is ready to use? As I am really AMAZE with that cool feature by taking care of the completed advancement and trigger the system to email the absent Scout’s parent with homework feature. It will be truly EXCELLENT if we know that feature is up to use when is ready.

Thanks again for your wonderful help :slight_smile: I truly appreciated it, Zachary :slight_smile: !


Generally, your best bet is to watch the change log forums or set alerts on them. It’s possible some features have been missed on the den leader experience.

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Thanks so much, Jacob! :slightly_smiling_face:

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