Wrong name appearing in Scoutbook for Adult Leader

Good morning Scoutbook Support Team,

Something strange happened to one of our adult leader’s accounts within scoutbook.

We noticed (removed) adult leader account (BSA ID: 13360458 & SB User ID: 12230298) is now showing his wife’s name and email address within scoutbook, but when we go to “Edit profile” and scoutbook connects to Internet Advancement, everything is correct (name/email/DOB/OA membership, etc).

Is there a way to change the name/email address showing in scoutbook back to what it is supposed to be? We have no idea why or how this happened. Our scoutmaster stated he saw Brian’s account was there this weekend, but on Monday, something happened and his wife’s name was appearing instead of Brian’s.

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide!

Michelle Thompson
Committee Member and scoutbook troop admin

@MichelleThompson OK that is cleaned up - not sure what happened

Thank you so much!


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