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Wrong Position In Internet Advancement

Hi Everyone,

We don’t use Scoutbook except for the required Internet Advancement function. I just logged in to do an advancement report and ran into an issue that I have not had before. My position is listed as “Lion Adult Partner” which I am, but I am also Cubmaster. Since SB things I am an AP, it wont let me approve any advancement.


-Cubmaster Jess

Check your bsa member number on your profile. Are you registered for the two positions with different member numbers?

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No. Same BSA ID for both positions.

and, if it matters, my my.scouting.org log in has always been associated with my Cubmaster BSA ID.

Send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the details of the issue. Include your bsa member number.

Something else you can try:

Go into My Account -> My Positions and check that Cubmaster is marked as your “default” profile position (it should have a little gray head and shoulders icon next to it). If it isn’t, click on the Cubmaster position and in Default Position turn the slider on (so it turns red) and then scroll down and click Update.

If both Cubmaster and Lion Adult Partner are already marked as default positions, go into the Lion Adult Partner position and turn off the Default Position slider (so it turns gray).

AFAIK, this must be done in Scoutbook (scoutbook.com) rather than in IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org). I wasn’t clear if you were using Scoutbook or IA2 from your original post.

We are using Internet Advancement 2

You can go into Scoutbook to make that change. It’s the issue of tracking advancement in both Scoutbook and IA2 that causes most problems between the two.

SB Defualt position has no relevance here - @Jess_WSpeaker_III I can setup a screenshare to see if 2 sets of eyes can figure it out

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