Youth shows in scoutbook and my.scouting rosters but not internet advancement

Youth 135700060 shows up everywhere in Scoutbook except in the awards reports. When PO is pulled for awards youth is getting skipped and requires manual intervention. Can you help?

@ChristopherWilliams6 what award did they earn?

AOL plus multiple adventures. The awards show up in Scoutbook as complete but they do not pull through to internet advancement. According to internet advancement this Cub Scout does not exist. This is the only scout out of 117 in the unit that has this issue.

The AOL is not approved - it needs to be approved to show on PO

I see that issue hmm…

ok it was entered but not approved. Why does he not show up on the internet advancement recharter roster as belonging to the unit.

First thought on Recharter is someone removed the scout - you might need to reset charter - or add the scout back

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The scout is going to crossover. I just want to make sure all their records crossover too. I will grab screenshots, and work with new leaders. Thank you for taking a look.

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