2022 Changes to Citizenship in the Nation

Not sure how this gets updated so I thought this was the best place to ask.

According to the official MB requirements on scouting.org, Citizenship in the Nation was updated this year but it’s not listed with “Requirements Updated 2022” on the right hand side of the page.

Maybe it was updated in an earlier year but the copyright and printing dates in the left hand corner both say 2022. It would be nice to have this one added as a quick reference to let everyone to know it’s changed if that’s indeed the case. I know I always do a quick peek at that list to see if there’s something that’s changed. Seems like this one should definitely be on the list since it’s Eagle required.

They Rarely get that document right is the simple answer as it is so large (Requirement Book) and they merged the 21-22 together this year on the website, so it is rather a hodge podge.

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