Eagle Rank shows new Citizenship in Society as Eagle Required

With the new update the new Citizenship in Society MB is now listed under the Eagle Rank. According to National this MB is not required until July of 2022. How will or does this affect completing scouts Eagle Rank if the scout has all completed all required merit badges before the Citizenship in Society is actually required? With the new merit badge added his overall complete percentage has dropped. Any information is extremely appreciated.

You can switch to the 2016 version of Eagle if the Scout is eligable @AndrewSkelton


Awesome. Thanks. I was a little worried for a bit. Appreciate it very much.

I preemptively sent a note to the Life Scouts in our troop (and their parents) letting them know that Scoutbook is updated, and also that if any of them complete all the requirements (other than BOR) prior to July 1, the new MB is not required. Hopefully that saves a question later from the scout/parent. :slight_smile:

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