5 Nova Awards Missing For Scouts - Awards Section


Can you please add the 5 missing Nova Awards under Scouts, for the Scouts to keep track of their progress:

  • Splash

  • Mendals Minions

  • Hello World

  • Up and Away

  • Next Big Thing

Thank you in advance for all your help and all you do in keeping the awards up to date for the Scouts!!


I asked for the Up and Away to be added a couple of months ago and the reply I received from their IT team was that it was not a priority at this time. This was a VERY disappointing answer to receive given a lot of scouts have worked hard to get these active awards only to not be able to get proper recognition for them.

Progress is being made on adding Nova Awards. Several were added today.

Britlin you can submit a paper advancement report to your council until Up and Away is supported in Scoutbook. Your Scouts do not have to wait to be awarded their patch / pin. We expect Up and Away and a couple other new Nova awards to be added soon, although we do not have an exact date.

I do not believe Nova patches/pins are restricted. You should be able to purchase them without an advancement report then update the records once the award is added to Scoutbook.

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Support for the new Nova award “Up and Away” has been added to all programs.