July 11, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar
    • The Planned Advancement feature for Cub Scouts has been updated to use the latest requirements. Keep in mind that planned advancement is only available when editing the calendar entry. We recommend typing planned advancement into the Event Description field so anyone viewing the event entry can see what is planned.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Search
    • An issue that prevented the bottom navigation buttons on the Merit Badge Counselor Search from working has been fixed. Both the top and bottom navigation buttons now work.
  • Scoutbook Navigation
    • When a user sent an invitation to connect to a dual registered Scout in Scoutbook, user was often returned to the incorrect unit. Scoutbook will now return to the unit from which the invitation was initiated.
  • Scout Advancement Sync
    • An issue that prevented some Scout’s advancement from syncing to ScoutNET has been fixed. It may take up for 48 hours for any backlog of data that was previously not synced to be cleared.
  • Training
    • The Edit Training link has been removed from the adult page when clicking on a name in the roster and from the connections page. These links were missed when training was removed from Scoutbook.

New Features

  • Council Admin Features
    • The User Summary report for Council Admins now includes Crews and Ships.
  • E-mail Opt-Out
    • Users now have the option to opt out of all e-mail from Scoutbook. This includes calendar reminders and e-mail sent via send message. See Scoutbook E-Mail/Text Opt Out Feature for more details.
  • NOVA Awards
    • The following new NOVA awards are now supported in Scoutbook. Additional awards are being worked on and will be supported soon.
      • Cub Scouts - Cub Scouts Can Code
      • Scouts BSA - Hello, World
      • Scouts BSA - Mendel’s Minions
      • Scouts BSA - Splash
      • Venturing/Sea Scouts - Execute
      • Venturing/Sea Scouts - Wade!
      • Venturing/Sea Scouts - What a Life