Add a checkbox for insurance card turned in

Health forms are not considered complete without insurance cards. We have to hold off filling in the dates until people turn them in. Many families remember the forms but then have to be reminded to bring insurance card copies. A check box would help in tracking this. Then it could be added to reports as missing.


I simply don’t accept health forms without a copy of the insurance card. No health form (with insurance card) no participation in outings.

Well, I think the issue is that our secretary was like well, if they have half, I’ll take it. I think I’d make the same call.

On my initial read, I thought you were suggesting the med form have a box for insurance cards. That’d certainly help people notice that they need it. Of course, I’m not sure where you’d make that suggestion.

Ah! That is a good seggestion! I think I known who to suggest it to. I was wanting a 3rd piece of data for health forms in addition to the 2 dates in Scoutbook. I also understand that we can add too much to Scoutbook. I was giving my wife the example of some open source software that has too much configuration.

Your suggestion could work. I just hate to say no to the forms (minus the insurance cards) when a parent hands them to me.

I suggest buying a $50 inkjet copier/printer for your meeting place - it is small and VERY useful. Parents have the cards in their wallets


What is your source for the statement that “Health forms are not considered complete without insurance cards”? I ask because there is not actually a requirement to have health insurance. “None” is explicitly listed on the health form as an acceptable answer.

And even if the scout does have health insurance, I have never once been asked for the copy of that card. I’m not sure why we’re asked to collect it in the first place. If you do have to take a scout for emergency medical treatment, the doctor/hospital have all sorts of better alternatives to track down payment than attempting to rely on your poor-quality, probably outdated and maybe superseded copy of the parent’s medical card.

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I guess it says “please”. Our camp requires them unless you list none. Our Pack and Troop gather them when they gather the forms for other activities so that we don’t have to ask again at camp.

Interesting. None of the camps we attend have ever even looked at those pages, much less rejected a scout who didn’t have those forms. Individual camps are allowed to set higher standards than National but I’d be curious what their justification is for the extra burden.

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I don’t know anyone who interprets “please” to mean it’s optional.

Well they could have written it as Pretty Please with sugar on top… but the nature of legal wording is just that way. This is an inferred necessity. I guess they follow the “What would a reasonable and prudent person do”

They haven’t required an extra burden, they are just following the forms.

In this case, they are just requiring what the form says. List your insurance, list none if you don’t have any, and attach the cards if you have it. It will be rejected without it. There is a list of “common causes of rejection” and this is one. We have probably seen all others.

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