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Automated Health Form Expiration Notifications

I see that you can input a health form date in a scouts profile. I think it would be extremely helpful to have the system automatically generate a notification (like an email) to the scouts, parents of the scout, and/or a designated adult (like a health form coordinator) prior to expiration. Perhaps 60-days prior and then again 30-days prior. Thoughts?

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Good idea for the parents in the unit.

For leaders, you can create a report in Roster Builder listing the expiration dates for the Health Forms. I think that’s much more manageable than getting dozens of reminder emails about expiring forms…

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One thing to be mindful of is that if you have a large number of health form emails (many may well be within days of each other) it will be noted by some email hosts as spam or potential spam.

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A competitor to Scoutbook includes in each message to a user email a line at the bottom of when your A/B and C expire. So, if you get a normal calendar reminder, at the bottom it has in italics when each expire.

@Matt.Johnson - that looks like a good way to leverage the data, now though if scoutbook copies that are they touching on intellectual or proprietary design.

This is not a TM or copyright type concern. Scoutbook could implement this without any infringement. Recall, Microsoft was sued by Apple for Windows copying Mac. Microsoft lost.

The nice thing about this is that all of the info is in Scoutbook. It is no extra emails and is user specific.

@Matt.Johnson - ok… worth making use of it then. Funny you mention the OS thing… I almost picked up an OS called Geos I think it was… but I had an early macintosh, apple 2c and then pc based with a dos self build menu…

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@Matt.Johnson - I can also say that we were a long time packmaster/troopmaster group. I took over as Pack Advancement chair when my son was a tiger. At that time it was sneakerware with the add-on of packmaster web. There were some interesting things that they had, a bunch of reports, and a rely old school look. I had however become frustrated with the data sync issues and much of the automation of items. My thought though is that units should go with what works for them. It was just not to my liking.

I would love to see all units in Scoutbook, but I agree, use what works for them. If features such as Merit Badge Counselors, JTE service hour tie in, etc are compelling enough, units will switch over. If they don’t work well, if it is totally disjoined and crummy, units will be happy to stay with what has been working.

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