Adding and Updating Profile Picture

I’m clicking everywhere I can think of to add and update profile pictures, and I can’t find how to do that. I’ve clicked the picture, I’ve clicked to edit the profile. I feel like this should be easier, or something is wrong. Help?

It appears the ability to change profile pictures was lost with tonight’s change. The developers have been notified.


Any update on this? I don’t seem to be able to update profile pictures for myself or my scouts.

No updates yet. It will be announced in the change log when it is fixed.

Still not able to upload a photo. I was trying to get everyone’s photo loaded to help me with names and faces. I can only assume that this is part of the unnecesary migration internet advancement.

When this is fixed, it will be announced in the change log.

You are assuming wrong. The Scoutbook programming platform is very outdated and is difficult to support. The migration to the IA platform is very necessary.

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So is there there a roadmap of which features of scoutbook will be migrated and which abandoned?

Such documents are not shared. One assumes the features will be readied as resources are available.

Any update, or ETA on a fix? I created thumbnails that are color coded by rank, so I could see them at a glance. Now they are all out of date and I cannot change…

As @edavignon noted above, the changelog will be updated when the fix is released. The BSA doesn’t publish their timeline or plans, and doesn’t (generally) permit the SUAC folks to say anything about a change/fix that hasn’t been pushed yet.

The changelogs are here for each of the major “product” families:

It’s reasonably easy to subscribe. Just click the bell icon in the upper right of a thread or category, and select “Watching”. That automatically gets you an email notification every time a change is posted.

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