Cannot add scout picture to profile

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I am an advancement person for scoutbook in my troop. I can no longer add profile pictures for the scouts.
I tried a profile that goes to and I am not allowed to access personal information. An Error message comes up that I, as well as others, cannot access information. My council representative says this is an ongoing problem. It is vital that my Scoutbook has pictures of scouts for attendance and BOLO’s if we are hiking a historic trail in a major city. Is there a glitch?

Hi there, I too am wondering where are we with fixing this issue? Our Troop uses it extensively.

I saw that it has been flagged by many users for some time, and simply stating: “Check the change log” is not overly helpful.

As we are all waiting to regain this useful feature that the IA integration of the user profiles apparently lost, perhaps it could be put it back into the Scoutbook under “Edit Extended Information” until such time as the integration is improved?