Cannot add scout picture to profile

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I am an advancement person for scoutbook in my troop. I can no longer add profile pictures for the scouts.
I tried a profile that goes to and I am not allowed to access personal information. An Error message comes up that I, as well as others, cannot access information. My council representative says this is an ongoing problem. It is vital that my Scoutbook has pictures of scouts for attendance and BOLO’s if we are hiking a historic trail in a major city. Is there a glitch?

Hi there, I too am wondering where are we with fixing this issue? Our Troop uses it extensively.

I saw that it has been flagged by many users for some time, and simply stating: “Check the change log” is not overly helpful.

As we are all waiting to regain this useful feature that the IA integration of the user profiles apparently lost, perhaps it could be put it back into the Scoutbook under “Edit Extended Information” until such time as the integration is improved?

We too are having the same problem. The ADULT members can upload the photos as there is a little blue icon to click.

However, the subordinate file for the YOUTH account does not have the same blue icon.

As the Cubmaster, I used to take the photos on my phone and upload them to SCOUTBOOK at the first meeting of each year. Now it seems only each ADULT can access their own profile on the new INTERNET ADVANCEMENT site that links back to SCOUTBOOK. Oddly enough, each parent cannot access their own child or YOUTH’s profile. Yet, as CUBMASTER, the site says I have FULL CONTROL and that clearly is not the case.

We have so many new members each year, that this is a very important tool for our team to use.

Is there anyone on this site that can let us know if this is being worked on and if there is a timeline for this fix? Thank you, Chris Calven

If you search the forums, you will see it is both known and being worked.

They do not share their timeline.

Picture or the profile? Do they appear to be connected? That is, when showing parents, are they under their Scout in the roster view?

In Reference to “Picture or the profile?” I meant that the parents cannot change the picture of the youth. I am working on my own son’s profile and using that as a reference. I’ve also received several emails from parents stating that they cannot change the youth picture. This occurred after I discovered I could not upload the pictures, so I emailed everyone on our roster to do it at home. Now I’m feeling the pain of finding out that I sent instructions that could not be followed due to the bug in the system of Internet Advancement.

Here is a pic showing how to access the YOUTH profile.

You said parents can’t access their own child’s profile.

Here is a picture of the YOUTH profile and you will notice there are not any options to edit the information or picture of the youth. It is different than the ADULT profile.

Take a look in the upper-right corner where there’s a blue box that says “Advancements”. Click the white one next to it that says “Scout’s Info”. That’s where you find the youth profile info, That said, as noted before, I believe that the photo is broken, even if you get to the right screen.

Here is a second picture of the YOUTH profile after tapping on the “SCOUT’S INFO” tab. Again, there is not a place to upload or alter the photo shown.

Again, this is a known bug.

Matt, thank you for your assistance.

Matt- I see you are addressing the inquiries to the post, but what is the actual status rather than “its a known bug”? Is there timeline for resolution? I am able to change the photo but can’t save it and instead get an error stating I don’t “have access to this API”. Does any particular role have access to the API that allows it??

Statuses other than “bug fixed” aren’t given out. I am just an observer of the system like you.

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BSA IT doesn’t publish timelines or priorities for bugs they are addressing or features they are adding. All any of us know is “it’s on the list”, assuming we even know that.

Right now, nobody can add photos to youth that I can tell.

Well, I sincerely appreciate the replies and feedback, but its definitely disappointing. Thanks for the update!

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I think they are afraid of making promises they can’t keep. Just a guess. You will see them act fast on really really big bugs. Like the one that would send a copy of every email to the sender where some go 80 emails back. They took an “out of sequence” downtime on Friday to fix it since it was so huge.