Can not add or update Scoutbook profile pictures

I’m still unable to add or update any of our scouts profile pictures. Is there any ETA on when this might be fixed?

The closest I can do is update their “Internet Advancement” youth profile picture, but the one in scoutbook stays the default no picture icon.


I believe it takes some time to synch across the platforms. Maybe 24-48 hours?

It’s been well over a week. Profile picture has not changed from the default

@PaulThomas4 what is your BSA# and what is the Scouts BSA # ???

My BSA# 137365926

I tried to update two scouts a few weeks back:

  • BSA# 137350263
  • BSA# 14574927

Their Internet Advancement page shows their updated picture, scoutbook either shows their old picture (first scout) or the default no picture (2nd scout)

If it was more than 2-3 weeks it might have been before the fix - I would suggest trying again on one

I updated

  • BSA# 137434351 (different scout than previous post)
  • BSA# 14574927

After about 2-3 minutes they finally updated!! wooo hooo! Finally!

Can you clarify? Did they all work, or is one still pending?

For the BSA# 137350263 scout, their image that was updated on the “Internet Advancement” (IA) page weeks ago still has not synced.

It appears that I’ll need to go in and set a new picture in order for the sync to occur between IA and Scoutbook as the two scouts that I just did a few minutes ago their pictures do show as updated.

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I also have this problem. Are there any updates as to when the profile photos on Scoutbook will sync with Internet Advancement profiles? The post in January noted that this was a known bug and it is being worked on.

Everything works - upload photos at Internet Advancement and they will sync to SB. If you already have done this, it might have been before the fix so do it again. NOTE: Square photos seem to work best for the 2 systems.

Every time I try to add photo to profile it loads on it’s side. I try to rotate, save, and reload and it is still sideways. Any help appreciated.

Have you tried different images to see if it’s image-specific? I haven’t had any issues with using a cropped or rotated image.

Are you trying to add a profile picture using a mobile device (smartphone / tablet)? Or desktop / laptop?

I have tried several different images. Same result.

Pics were taken on smartphone, loaded into google drive as jpeg, using desktop to upload.

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