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Adding Hornaday Awards

I would like to see the multiple levels of Hornaday Awards added to Scoutbook. These are National awards that need more promotion and youth encouraged to pursue them. I saw that this has been requested in the past, but it seems that there has been no action taken. The topic was closed. Do you have a timeframe for when this might be completed?

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The Hornaday Awards are in the development backlog. We cannot predict when the BSA will schedule them for development.


Is there a way to find out what items are on the backlog list?

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The BSA does not publish the backlog list. All we can tell you is when that a requested feature is already on the list or has been added.

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Thank you.
Do you have volunteers on the Scoutbook User Advisory Council? How might one get involved?

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I sent a private message. Click on your avatar in the upper right of your screen.

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Thank you for your continued communications, and the link you provided!



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