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Founder Bar & Hornaday Awards

Just another request for this to be added, either as an individual award, and/or also to show up on the profile under the unit number.

Also, please add the Hornaday Awards. This will help increase visibility of these awards, and help Scouts see progress as they complete the required merit badges. You can keep units from approving them, since they are council/national level awards, just like you do with Eagle Scout.

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I think there was a discussion on the founders bar a while back. I don’t remember the exact details but i think they said since it wasn’t an individual award it wouldn’t show up under awards.

That’s unfortunate because I would see it as an individual award. Even if they do follow that logic, then perhaps it would be cool to add other unit awards recieved by the Scout, such as the JTE patch for each year- whether they add it to the profile image or just in the awards.

I get what you’re saying but I don’t know what Scoutbooks resources or priorities are to add non-individual awards ie. unit/district/council.

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