Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA Quiz issue

Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA seems to be glitching? It’s stating something that I didn’t check as an answer is wrong.

This seems to have come up several times before. The general consensus seems to be that people are not checking all of the applicable answers, and the error message is poorly written.

There’s eight Methods that we use to achieve the four Aims of Scouting.

Perhaps that question lists more than one correct answer. I can tell you that Religious Study is not one of them.

The text displays gives you a hint as to the correct answer. It is telling you which answer should not be selected.

Religious Study was not selected in this case, and it’s not the right answer. The validation is completely off. It shouldn’t have mentioned Religious Study at all as it was another non selected value that caused the question to fail.

There are 2 ways they could have provided feedback.

  1. A, B and C are 3 of the 8 methods of Scouting.
  2. Religious Studies (D) is not one of the 8 methods of Scouting.

The authors of the training chose 2.