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I’m trying to take the online training for the Merit Badge Councilor. So far I’ve taken the Aims and Methods of Scouting and the end quiz does not work. Having taken it twice, it’s very frustrating. The second question always gives an error and says Religion is not one of the methods - regardless of what is selected. I’ve used both Safari and Chrome on Mac. Who or how do I get this fixed and get the training completed?

That suggests that maybe it’s a “check all that apply” question, and not all of the ones that apply are checked.

I’m telling you, no matter the combo, it gives the error “Incorrect - Religious Study is not one of the eight methods.”

If I asked you, to select all the choices below that are a method of scouts BSA, and you selected patrol method, would you be annoyed that it said you were incorrect with the error. “Incorrect - Religious Study is not one of the eight methods.”? I didn’t select Religious Study.

The BSA has previously stated in other forums that they believe this question is not broken. I’m not sure what would move them off of that position.

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Aims and Methods online training modules

  • SCO_1000: AIMS AND METHODS (Unit Commissioners)

Most common challenge

  • Not reading carefully or understanding the question.


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Some Topic Question and Answer History

New bug?


As noted above this issue has been answered many times before. Is there a new bug, perhaps related to client browser software changes or set-up that is being missed?


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The “hint” isn’t very helpful and is not specific to your answer. That said, I suspect the correct answer involves more than just patrol method.

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@BrianH - here is a concise answer to your issue

Ok - thank you for helping me with this. Call it user error - I’m ok with that. I found the error message confusing and obviously distracting. I wish it was related to my wrong selection and not a generic response to an incorrect method.

This makes sense now. Thank you.

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There have been many they have had the same issue.

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