"All other BSA IT software and resources" forum category?

In reference to April 27th, 2022, Scouting forums change announcement and new page banner:

The Scouting Discussion Forums will focus on questions related to Scoutbook, Internet Advancement and all other BSA IT software and resources.

For program or health and safety questions, please reach out to your local council. Thank you for all you do for Scouting.

Please add a new forum category for “Other BSA® IT software and resources”.

I agree, Bill. If this will focus on IT, then things like the webpages, ebooks, and other IT issues should also be discussed.

There is no one to provide support for other tools. You need to contact your council if you have issues with something not supported by the forums.


Your answer does not provide any comment about my suggestion.

Then someone needs to develop a plan to train and put Scouters this role?

I am a council committee member.

Should I interpret your statement to mean that the Scoutbook User Advisory Council has no interest in expanding their role of supporting additional myScouting tools, even though they are already supporting non-Scoutbook tools.


Role of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council?

I am confused. Where do I find a statement of the mission and role of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council?

Is the SUAC only responsible for

Scoutbook (category),

Topics related to the use of Scoutbook can be addressed here


My Scouting Tools forum

Let’s do some planning. What tools should be added as separate sub-categories to the My Scouting Tools forum?

My Scouting Tools https://discussions.scouting.org/c/myst/34

A forum for discussing My Scouting Tools (my.scouting.org)

in Scouting Forums https://discussions.scouting.org/ ?



I did provide the solution. You need to contact your Council professional staff as they are responsible for member support.

The SUAC has limited contacts beyond Scoutbook, the Scouting App, Den Leader Experience and Internet Advancement. We do what we can, but like you, we are all volunteers and this limits what we can do.

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I am not sure what you mean by “member support.” I see a need for both upward and downward information flow with perhaps some stops or horizonal peer communications along the way.

For each tool I see a need for:

  • upward communicatons:
    • requests of new features
    • bug reports
  • downward communications
    • marketing of tools and available tool training
    • documentation (user manuals, guides, knowledgebase, best practices)
    • tool announcements
    • responses to upward communications
    • tools statistics
  • horizonal and two-way communications
    • user help forum (using tool)
    • technical forum

not all of the above is or can be done by the council volunteer and professional staff folks.


It is clear we are not talking about the same thing. Please define what you mean by “member support”.

I am talking about organization supporting the use of national provided online tools, which I believe needs to be done at several levels.in BSA® I think the Scoutbook User Advisory Council members responding to my posts in this discussion are talking about helping tool users.

For each national tool I believe there needs to be at least the following:

  • a tool user forum (for discussing how to use the tool)
  • a tool change log (blog for announcing changes)
  • a tool technical forum
  • a method of reporting tool bugs

At one time I thought the forums were a way of submitting ideas to the Scoutbook User Advisory Council to submit to BSA® IT. Apparently that is no longer true, or we are miscommunicating.

My conclusions

  • The Scoutbook User Advisory Council need to redefine and publish its role.
  • What is supported in the Scouting forums needs to be defined.
  • Moderator teams need to be developed to support forums for other BSA® IT software.
  • The above cannot be done at the council level.
  • User discussion for improving the Scouting forums cannot be done through submitting Jira technical reports to national BSA®
  • The Scoutbook User Advisory Council may wish to only deal with Scoutbook.


@Bill_W you are talking to an empty can - if you see issues go talk to your Scout Executive

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