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Allow payments and fees to be recorded for adults and leaders

We would really like to see the current youth payment tracking feature be made available for adults and leaders as well. Example: The leaders need to pay their yearly registration fees, but there is no way to track who has and has not paid those fees.


This is in the backlog but it requires a rewrite of the permissions structure in Scoutbook. Because of the scope of work required, we do not know when it will be scheduled for development.

We would really like to have this too. Why re-write of permissions? What would change there?

Access to scout payment logs require a full control connection. There is no concept of adults having connections to other adults.

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Currently, adults only have access to their own logs. Before logs can be expanded, the concept of connections needs to be expanded between adults. This is a significant change.

Yes we also need a feature to record Adult fees and payments. Can something else or separate be added until the re-write of permissions occurs that allows us to record information for Adult members.

Is there a way to add a category to Apply Payment to section? We break up our monthly dues to help out with the re-charter and I want Scoutbook to reflect that.


Click the down arrow next to Category or Label and select --Add New Category–

I’m looking to add a section in the Payment Applied to section which is below that one.

Those are based on entries when record an amount due is selected. You have to have an amount die before you can apply a payment to it.

That field gets populated based on what you’ve entered for prior charges to that account. Here’s an example process flow for it. We have our annual “Electronics Campout” at the end of March, and are charging all the Scouts participating $35.00.

  1. Create a charge in the payment log for the money owed by the Scout for the event. You can link this to a calendar event, categorize it, set a due date, etc. like this:
  2. Scout pays for the camp out. Create a credit in the payment log for the money being turned in. Now, you can link the payment to the prior charge you made in step 1.
  3. Now it will show the payment log with a $0.00 balance.

It’s not perfect – but it does show the linkage between charges and payments if you run the “Payment Logs Report” from the Troop page:

Does this have to have an event in the calendar to create this new payment type?


No, a calendar event is not required, just a charge in the desired category, at which point you can make a payment against it.

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We also would like to be able to have payment logs for Adults, both LEADERs and PARENTS that are not registered with BSA numbers.

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You cannot have a LEADER that doesn’t have a BSA ID number.

It is not the leaders that I want to be able to answer that have no ID. It is the parents. And the parents sometimes go on trips and are required by the Catholic Church to have training we would like to track. They’re also required by BSA to have youth protection if they’re going to Camp with the troop and we always track that in troopmaster web and we always had them with their own passbook account and troopmaster web.

There is no national requirement that an adult have YPT to camp with a unit. The only national requirement is that they have to be registered and have YPT if going on an event for more than 72 hours.

ETA: of course that’s not your main point. Your point was that you’d like all adults to have payment logs. We agree. It’s in the backlog for the developers, but we don’t know when they will get to it.


if they have YPT they have a BSA# - you cannot take YPT without one. they need to log into their my.scouting.org account and look at profile to get it.

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Thank I didn’t know that, but if they have not submitted a registration form to bsa how would they end up with one?

Users get a BSA ID number assigned to them when they create an account at my.scouting.org to take the YPT training.

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