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Make "Payment Log" Feature available for Adult accounts

Continuing Matt Johnson’s discussion from Add “Payment Log” Feature to adult accounts:

I must have missed when this was posted, otherwise I would have added my “+1”. This is the ONLY reason I’ve held my unit back from using the Payment Log feature, because it can’t be used for everyone.

When a the troop is planning a big trip, both adults and youth perform fundraising to cover their costs. We should be able to track the adults’ contributions, as well as “invoice them” for preliminary payments towards the final fee.

As Matt said, sometimes we need to charge adults for participating in events, or credit them for a purchase they made for the Troop.

Right now, units are creating bogus “Youth” accounts in Scoutbook for their adults to track their charges and payments. That’s just wrong that we need to perform this kludge to use Payment Logs.

Please get the bit flipped that would allow active adults to be included.




It is more than flipping a bit. The current permissions architecture of Scoutbook does not have a way to include adults in Payment Log. It will take a significant amount of work to allow adults to utilize payment log. It is in the backlog, but I do not envision this happening in the short term.

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Thanks for the update.

I looked at it simply as a bit/byte that could be flipped that caused the feature to exclude adults, not a complete re-architecting of the permissions model.

At work, we’ve got a pretty complex multi-level security-granting model for our main application, so I understand the concept.

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