Annual deletion of MBC privileges - is there a way to renew without getting dropped every year?

This is a question regarding Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) privileges: is it true that National ends the credentials of all MBC in Scoutbook on the Council-lists annually, and there is nothing a Council can do to prevent it? I recall a time when the Council registrar would ask me if I wanted to renew, and I did not lose my MBC status annually. With a new registrar, this is not done. As a result, all (or almost all) of MBC are unexpectedly eliminated from the MB Counselor list on Scoutbook. The date that MBC status is revoked is not published. It comes like a thief in the night. All connections in Scoutbook between MBC and scouts are broken, and it falls on the Troop to reconnect the MBC and the scout. How is this handled in your Council?

Councils end the registrations, not national. But no Councils just have to stay on top of it


@JosephAiello - the MBC position is local council just as scout and scouter registration is. National recharters councils


Your MBC position in scoutbook only ends if your council is 60 days past the prior charter expiry date without submitting the new recharter.

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