AOL elective is not showing as completed in scoutbook

I see a prior post 2019 about a bug preventing the elective from showing up in completed requirements. Has this been fixed? I am having this problem and cannot override to award the AOL rank to one scout. He is risking not being able to bridge to our Troop because of this. Help!

Did the scout previously earn the Webelos rank, or did they only earn AoL? If the latter, check the toggle in the scout’s profilethat says something like “Working toward” and set it to AoL instead of Webelos. That should change where the elective is being credited.

If that’s not the issue, the folks from the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC) should be able to look up the account given the scout’s BSA ID number (no names needed!) if you post it in this thread.


Try going into the adventure and change one of the completion dates on one of the requirements. There was briefly an issue about 2 weeks ago that prevented percent complete from recalculating.

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@RosalieTilghman If you provide the BSA member number of the Scout you are having trouble with, we could take a look. (No names, please)

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There is also a weird thing that can happen where the “BSA Administrator” overwrites what the leader entered and it puts the dates out of sequence which forces the leader to have to re-enter the completed/approved dates.

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