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Elective Showing Up Under Wrong Rank

I have a Cub Scout who joined the Pack at the start of his fifth grade school year. He has completed all of his rank requirements for AOL. However, Scoutbook is showing his elective adventure under the Webelos rank instead of the AOL rank. AFAIK, there is no reason why the elective would not be credited toward the AOL rank.

Note: I updated the “working on” rank toggle in his profile, and input his initial membership date as the date on which he began working on AOL. This did not seem to fix the problem.

Is there any way to force SB to credit the elective toward the AOL rank? Thanks!

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That’s odd. I would have expected that to resolve the issue. At the risk of sounding like a helpdesk tech, have you tried logging out of Scoutbook and back in after toggling the setting to see if it “sticks”? I intermittently see issues where that “solves my problem”.

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clear adventure date then go back in and add the date - see if that fixes it. It has worked in the past

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It solved the problem, but created another. It now shows the elective under his AOL rank, and it further shows him as having completed the AOL rank requirements - for 2016. But, it seems to default to the new 2019-20 rank requirements, and fails to show the elective there. Which raises a related question - when are we to apply to the 2019-20 requirements?

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Hrm…I don’t have a pack affiliation anymore, so I can’t easily test this out. However, at the troop level, there is a toggle for rank requirement dates above the list of requirements:

You should be able to toggle this setting (I think) to get the correct version. You may have to re-enter the advancement data (although I doubt that).

Regarding when revised rank requirements apply, my understanding is that, in the past, the BSA has held that revisions to requirements apply only to those who have not yet started working on a given rank/badge. For example, a scout who has already started on the Arrow of Light requirements would not (generally) have to comply with new requirements (for example if the total number of adventures was raised to 12 instead of 7). On the other hand, if the requirements for an Adventure he or she had not yet started changed, the scout would, in principle, need to comply with the new requirements rather than the preceding version. In practice, I recall there being some grace periods in the past for various changes to apply. I don’t know exactly how any given unit would apply such a change. I personally would be reluctant to hold one scout in an annual-type program (e.g. Cub Scouts) to a changed requirement at the same rank level as another scout who just happened to have already started that on that Adventure was using the “older” requirements. That seems inequitable to me.

ETA: Grammatical changes to clean up the response. No change to content.

ETA2: Clarification on what the online Guide to Advancement (https://www.scouting.org/resources/guide-to-advancement/mechanics-of-advancement/#4001) actually says, as opposed to my sketchy memory of it:

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Re-entering the adventure date fixed the problem. And thank you for the clarification on when new rank requirements go into effect.

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil and @CharleyHamilton - you guys are amazing.


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