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April 14, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Connections
    • An issue that allowed a single adult to have multiple connections (unique ConnectionID='s) to a single Scout has been fixed. Scoutbook will now ensure there is only one connection (ConnectionID=) between an adult and a Scout.
  • Environmental Science Merit Badge
    • An issue that caused the percent complete to be calculated incorrectly for the Environmental Science merit badge has been fixed.
  • Google Login
    • An issue that caused a user using Google Login to not be sent to the update password screen then not be able to enter a valid password has been fixed.
  • Membership
    • An issue that caused membership in a unit in Scoutbook to be ended before the membership was ended in my.scouting.org has been fixed. Scoutbook will retain the expiration date that is in the individual’s membership record. All Scoutbook user records have been updated with the correct expiration date to avoid future issues.
  • Unapproved Scout Indicator
    • The Unapproved Scout Indicator image will only appear on the Scout’s page if the Scout’s membership is not approved. It will no longer appear for unapproved leadership positions.

New Features

  • Add Leader
    • Since only registered adults can be added to Scoutbook as a leader, a link to the my.scouting.org Membership Manager page has been added to the top of Scoutbook’s Add Leader page. Leaders with access to Membership Manager can click on the Invitation link then send an application to the adult via the New Link button.
  • Calendar
    • A notification will be sent to the Unit Leader, Committee Chair and connected parent(s)/guardian(s) when a Scout with the Calendar Editor role adds a new event to the calendar.
  • Den Chiefs
    • Den Chief support in Scoutbook has been enhanced to allow Packs that use Scoutbook to add Den Chiefs from Crews, Ships and Troops that do not. An “Add Den Chief” button has been added in the Den Chief section of the Pack Roster. The pack needs the Scout’s BSA Member ID, last name, gender and date of birth to add a Den Chief. An e-mail will be sent Scout’s parents and Crew/Ship/Troop Key 3 notifying them that the Den Chief position was added for the Scout. Packs can add a connection to the Den Chief’s parent or guardian.
  • Scout Page
    • The Scout’s name is now displayed just above the Current Rank on the Scout’s page. This eliminates confusion if the Scout’s name does not appear in the Drop Down menu. An issue where the name is not displaying if the Scout does not have an active membership in any unit will be fixed in a future release.