Are we back on the blacklist or not?

The April 13 announcement says "Scoutbook is back on the Spamhaus blacklist. This blacklist is used by Apple, Comcast and possible Microsoft to block e-mails sent to their customers. E-mail to accounts on these systems should once again be received.”

If we’re on the blacklist, why would emails be received? If they will be received, that doesn’t sound like we’re on a blacklist. Which is it?

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We were on and now are off

Then "Scoutbook is back on the Spamhaus blacklist” is inaccurate and confusing.

I think Ed is waiting to confirm we stayed off before removing the message. It’s hard to keep up when we bounce on and off of it.

Ed has a paying job and just has not gotten around to updating the message :smile: It will be fixed soon.

Then "E-mail to accounts on these systems should once again be received” is inaccurate and confusing.

My problem is that the message says that we are both on and off the blacklist.

I saw what you are talking about, @JSyler on the message that was just replaced. With the new message saying we’re back off (again), I think the issue was fixed.

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@edavignon - Ed has a paying job… actually a very valid point urgency is matched to pay

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