Emails not being received by certain parents (potential recurrence of blacklist issue)

We are one of the packs caught in the wake of the SOAR shutdown and started transitioning over to Scoutbook to manage events and send communications.

Today we sent the first pack-wide email and a few parents - notably those with and email addresses - reported not receiving emails (even after checking junk folders and profile opt-out settings). We’ll continue to test with other parents, but can others confirm if they are also experiencing the same behavior?



Yes, Scoutbook is back on the Spamhaus blacklist. This is know to affect Apple, Comcast and Microsoft addresses.

This is embarrassing. I convinced our committee to switch to BSA’s own product and away from a third party and this is the chaos I get in return.

Our troop uses troopwebhost. It is perfect and always works for communication. Scoutbook is great for advancment, but not much else.

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As a SUAC member - I rarely used SB = I used my personal email - not convenient - but I did it ONE time a week

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