Attendance for adult leaders

Has anyone else been having issues with adult leaders not showing up on attendance reports? I have several adults (scoutmasters and committee), yet when I run the troop attendance report, only 1 shows up.

When you create a calendar event you have to remember to add the leaders/parents if you want to take their attendance. once I started doing that I’ve seen them in our attendance reports.

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The same occurs for me. Adults are invited, confirmed and marked as present in the Calendar. Adults do appear in the Activity Log Report.

The Attendance Report lists only one adult, the Scoutmaster. The Patrol filter tab anticipates all or individual patrols. There is no option to select adults as in the Activity Log Report. I’m guessing the Attendance Report is not designed to provide adult leader data.

This is a bug. I have reported it to the developers.

The Attendance Report looks at attendance in the calendar.

The Activity Log Report looks at the activity logs - not the calendar.

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